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Share Your Worldview

Apparel and tee shirts that tell a story.

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Clothing and tee shirts that inspire the soul.

Let Your Devotion Shine

The BhakTee Life tee shirts help make the world a brighter place.

Behind the Scenes


Founder Christy

"As our sense of interconnection and 'oneness' grows alongside the evolution of human consciousness, living with a purpose and bhakti leads to the self-realization of a higher power residing within each of us."



Graphic Designer Lisa

"I believe that synchronicities, those meaningful coincidences that have no rational explanation, are a sign that our sphere of consciousness has expanded beyond the realms of mundane human existence."



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Our inspiration comes from cross-cultural spiritual studies and world travels, from India to Indonesia and many other places blessed by nature and a rich cultural history. Follow our path and our passion on the blog. 


BhakTee | Bhakti | Devotion

The BhakTee Life® is devoted to creating tee shirts and clothing that raise the consciousness of the planet by sharing slogans and designs that awaken the spirit, inspire the soul and bring joy to our lives. 

The BhakTee Life® personifies “devotion.” The word bhakti is timeless and the concept of devotion is inherent in all creation. People want to live “The BhakTee Life.” The world around us is created by intention and feeling put into motion, and our devotion creates the foundation for our existence as we find a footing—a place that stands for our personal worldview—on Earth. The BhakTee Life does not tell people what to believe; it tells people to believe in what is important to them on their own unique life journey and to stand firm in devotion to the principles and social structures that support their contribution to the conscious evolution and sustainable future of our world. The BhakTee Life encourages people to show strength and support for the advancement of our planet at both the individual and global level. It inspires compassion, commitment, love, personal dignity and trust in its wearers.

We work together to create each image around the words, infusing each new design with our own personal energy and passion for sharing a positive message and a sense of humor.