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About Us

Pictures of Christy's LifeChristy

"A few months after returning from my first trip to the Himalayas in North India, I received a message in a dream. I was standing in the middle of a circle of wise women who were all repeating one word over and over to make sure that I did not forget it upon waking: 'Bhakti, bhakti, bhakti, bhakti.' When I opened my eyes the chant continued in my mind, and I fell in love with the rhythm and the vibration of the sound. In Sanskrit, bhakti means devotion to a higher spiritual power, a personal God. As our sense of interconnection and 'oneness' grows alongside the evolution of human consciousness, living with a purpose and bhakti leads to the self-realization of a higher power residing within each of us." 

Christy devoted most of her life to working in the creative arts and entertainment before transferring her talents to work in the retail industry for a successful vacation destination retailer.  Over a decade of experience has provided the marketing and merchandising foundation for The BhakTee Life. She is a world traveler with a special connection to Ladakh, North India, in the Himalayas, and an animal rescue advocate who frequently meditated with her cat Tati, shown below wearing mala beads. With years of spiritual study and practice behind her, Christy is an accomplished sound practitioner working with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, and the gong.  Her love of travel continues to have expression as Christy takes The BhakTee Life on the road on her “Grand Adventure” to visit fairs and festivals along the east coast.  Keep a lookout for Christy in her recently renovated motor home with The BhakTee Life logo!  

Photos of Lisa and the logo for DragonFly Nation.Lisa

“In every action we take and with every thought and emotion we generate, there is an opportunity to connect with and be guided by our higher consciousness—that expansive part of our being that integrates with the multidimensional cosmos. I believe that synchronicities, those meaningful coincidences that have no rational explanation, are a sign that our sphere of consciousness has expanded into the many realms beyond mundane human existence. It is from this vantage point that we realize we are the co-creators of our reality through our limitless imagination and the energy of unconditional love that originates from beyond worlds of duality.”

Lisa is an editor, writer and graphic designer with a passion for spiritual studies, alternative healing and animals—especially her three rescue cats, Phoenix, Z and Shanti (shown above from left). Her universal worldview changed following a profound near-death experience, during which she was given the opportunity to come back to our world and finish her learning journey in this life. Her company, DragonFly Nation, offers “Eclectic Creativity for Conscious Business.” 

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We Support Animal Rescue Shelters

A portion of our profits supports no-kill animal rescue shelters and adoption.
In memory of Daisy (left), Tati (center) and Ruben (right), who crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Tika, Tati and Ruben, from left. Our pets who crossed the Rainbow Bridge