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Sound Immersions

Christy sitting with crystal bowls.

Christy connects people with the healing sounds of ancient vibrations using Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, and the powerful gong. She creates harmonic music that stimulates alpha and theta brainwaves, which are associated with deep-meditative states that are highly conducive to healing, reducing stress, relieving anxiety, clearing the subconscious, and relaxing the conscious mind. Individually, and with other sound practitioners, Christy facilitates sound immersions at yoga studios, spiritual centers, and healing centers. She also facilitates meditations for individuals and groups.

Sound and vibration have been shown to have profound effects on the body, mind, and soul, and they can heal on many levels. Christy helps people move beyond the boundaries of the mind and physical body to find harmony and balance through a heart-centered connection.

“The medicine of the future will be music and sound.” ―Edgar Cayce

Sound sparked Christy’s imagination at the age of 11, when she received her first tape recorder as a holiday gift from her parents. As time went on, she became interested in the effects of sound on the body, mind, and emotions, and she turned that interest into a creative passion for the theatre arts, where Christy spent years experimenting with sound to enhance the live theatrical experience in productions using state-of-the-art technology. While still an advocate of the creative arts, Christy now focuses her love of sound, music, and vibration toward the healing arts. She also is a founding member of The Sound Sisters of Sarasota, a group of spiritual musicians and sound healers who perform concerts at various centers and ceremonies, including equinox and solstice celebrations, meditations for The Women’s Meditation Group of Southwest Florida, and fundraisers, such as Saleh Freedom.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ―Nikola Tesla

Christy clearing energy with a crystal bowl for a retreat session.“Quiet, contemplative, gracious, and self-effacing—these are the qualities Christy Perry brings to her authentic practice of Sound Immersion Meditation. Using Tibetan and crystal bowls and other sound instruments, she magically transforms any space with sonic vibrations. She “hears” the atmosphere in the room, allowing that message to guide her heart and hands. Sounds rise and fall, intensify and mellow out as she expertly moves from instrument to instrument. Christy brings a sacred and holy experience to meditations that immerse the listeners in sound. Her spiritual practice is one that is always remembered.” ~ Jo Mooy, spiritual teacher and cofounder of Sarasota's Women's Meditation Circle.

Crystal bowls on the beach.“Christy creates what feels like a wonderful cocoon of sound and vibration, within which you can travel to a dimension of wholeness, harmony and peace. I and the meditation group that meets in our home are deeply grateful for the blessing of the healing energy generated by Christy’s magical collection of sacred instruments.” ~ Jennifer Sault, author of Arthur of Britain. Universal Archetype for Healthy Chakra Development

“Being a person who rarely meditates, I had never experienced a sound immersion before. As I relaxed, the various tones Christy played reverberated through my body and the water within me, connecting me directly with the vibrations. I was transported. I entered a very deep state of relaxation and bliss. When Christy plays, there is no particular repertoire, no sheet music, no pattern. It is whatever she feels in the moment—an expression of her beautiful soul, pouring itself out through her instruments.” ~ Elena Lee

Christy sitting with crystal bowls.

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